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We CAN...

VOTE Rich Mancuso, Joseph Chang, Margaret "Dawn" Smith—Your bracket of candidates for THE Mountain Lakes Board of Education (3 Year Term).

We are asking you to vote Lucy Corbin Campbell for the 1 year unexpired term. To learn more about Corbin, go to

Together we run, together you vote, together we will make a difference! 


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Make a campaign donation today! Every $25 makes a difference! Together we can...


Why Together We Can?

"Together we can..." is a slogan that we believe perfectly describes our town. Mountain Lakes has a history of coming together to celebrate in good times and to weather differences in times of challenge. Ultimately, we all have the same goal—to make our school system the best it can be for all of our children. It is in that same spirit that the four of us (Rich, Joe, Dawn, and Corbin) have come together, aiming to win the Board of Education candidacies on November 6th, 2018!

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Our Mission

Together we your VOICE to move the Mountain Lakes Board of Education toward better governance.  We strive to improve the learning environment for our students, while ensuring that great teachers are hired and retained. We want to conduct a thorough review of our school policies, execute a successful referendum, and position Mountain Lakes as the leading school district in New Jersey.


Why we are running:

our sense of responsibility to this great town is what has put us into this race. it is one of the reasons why we decided to run together as a team. With each other’s help, we can be more efficient and effective campaigners. We understand the contentious atmosphere that is upon us.  We are aware of the time commitment of this job. we know the referendum is a huge undertaking.  We take this election and being a BOE member very seriously.  We believe that working together now as a team is a testament that we can work together in the future should you elect all four of us.



"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives."

Clay P. Bedford

to our Students—We believe in you and the individual gifts and abilities that make you unique.  Our school district should be a SAFE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY learning environment that helps you be your best, inspires you to develop your interests, hones your critical thinking skills, and guides you to be lifelong, self-directed learners.  We want you to experience the values and traditions of this special town and to restore your morale in our school district. We promise to bring back laker pride for each and every one of you.



"Research shows that there is only half as much variation in student achievement between schools as there is among classrooms in the same school. If you want your child to get the best education possible, it is actually more important to get him assigned to a great teacher than to a great school."

—Bill Gates

To our teachers—We want to foster a healthy work environment and retain those who may feel demoralized, so they can, once again, feel that it is a privilege, to be a part of our school district.  We want our students to know the privilege of being taught by a great teacher, one who deserves our respect.  We must foster an environment of trust, comradery, fairness, and professional development for our faculty. We are committed to ensuring you are treated fairly and to making sure the administrators provide the support you need to do your job at the highest level.



"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

—Coretta Scott King

TO OUR PARENTS—We believe in safe schools that minimize risk to our children.  It is an unfortunate reality of our world today, and thus, it must be a priority of our school district.  We will also strive to develop forward thinking educational and organizational policies, plan strategically, execute responsible budgets, recruit and retain stellar teachers, and oversee/evaluate the superintendent to make sure our schools are well-run and embody the community’s vision for the future.


To our community—We understand that we are elected by you to represent you. We will strive to be accessible, transparent, and accountable. We believe in fiscal responsibility and we will strive towards a sensible, timely, and waste-minimizing referendum.  It is our duty to be good stewards of the district’s resources and to make sure that the district’s funds are spent wisely.


August 13 2018

Faulting board, new candidates seek seats in Mountain Lakes school district


MOUNTAIN LAKES – With Election Day a little over three months away, the onslaught of issues that have taken place in the grades K-12 school district over teacher and student morale, and the controversy over the removal of AP Credit of three underclassmen, has created a ground swell of unrest. /  Read Full Article


    Get Involved

    Together we can...but first we need your help to get elected! We have many volunteer positions available.  At the very least, we ask you to please support our campaign by telling 5 of your friends to visit this website and vote for Rich Mancuso, Joseph Chang, Margaret "Dawn" Smith, and Lucy Corbin Campbell for the Mountain Lakes School Board of Education during the November 06, 2018 election.


    Volunteer opportunities

    You can help us with our campaign! Together we can... 

    Make a Campaign Contribution

    Make a campaign donation today! Every $25 makes a difference! Together we can...